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Canadian Ramblings 5 into the Cariboo

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Canadian Ramblings 5 into the Cariboo

Post by LondonEye » Sat Feb 01, 2020 8:11 pm

A return of the Canadian journeys. What can be seen over the fence, (no official viewing areas) and pictures often just for the record, of the more unusual aircraft types.
This was on a holiday back in September 2010. It is travelling North of Vancouver, mainly on highway 97 through the Cariboo. Excellent scenery. All airfields easily found.
Surprising that several aircraft carried the old CF- prefix.

100 Mile House

Small airfield with seven logged. Interest – Spectrum Beaver and a Quad City Challenger.

ImageQuad City Challenger C-IOTA 100 Mile House

ImageSpectrum Beaver C-IDLF 100 Mile House

ImageDenney Kitfox C-IJKW 100 Mile House

ImageBellanca 7GCBCX C-GOOJ 100 Mile House

108 Mile Ranch

Situated close to a Heritage Village – old dwellings etc. Eight aircraft logged, interest being a Bell 205 and a Bell 212.

ImageCessna 172 Cariboo C-GWNR 108 Mile Ranch

ImageBell 212 Sequoia C-GERH 108 Mile Ranch

Williams Lake

Twenty-Seven logged. Interest – Bell 205 VIH H/C, Alouette, Aerocommander 100, Stinson 108, and several Luscombe.

ImageLuscombe 8F C-GHDC Williams Lake

ImageAlouette C-GLOV Williams Lake

ImageBell 205A VIH C-GAYB Williams Lake

ImageCessna 175 C-FWBA Williams Lake


Twenty logged. Interest – Beech 1900’s of Central Mountain Air, Erco 415, Fleet 80, Stinson 108, Beech 23 Muskateer, SA-102 Cavalier and several PA-22’s.

ImageBeech 1900 Central Mountain C-FCMU Quesnel

ImagePA-22 C-FDVZ 2 Quesnel

ImageErco 415D C-FUZB 2 Quesnel

ImageStinson 108 C-FLVZ Quesnel

ImageFleet 80 CF-DEE Quesnel

ImageCessna 140 C-FNWY Quesnel

Prince George

Twent-Eight logged. Largest field visited, with flights by Canadair CRJ200 AC Jazz and Convair 580 of KF Cargo. Interest – another Erco 415, Maranda AMF, Storm 280, Liberty 181, PC-12 RCMP. And a Cessna 305 operated by Air Cadets.

ImageCessna 208 NT Air C-GDOX Prince George

ImageLiberty 181 C-FVFU Prince George

ImageStorm S280 C-GIQV Prince George

ImageMaranda AMF CF-UFG Prince George

ImagePilatus PC-12 RCMP C-GMPW Prince George

ImageCv580 KF Purolator C-FKFZ 2 Prince George

ImageCanadair RJ-200 AC Jazz C-GXJA Prince George

Not a specific aviation holiday, but surprising what you can see (with help of patient wife !).
Hope of interest, and possibly help anyone going touring.
Several more images on FlickR.

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Re: Canadian Ramblings 5 into the Cariboo

Post by Nighthawke » Sat Feb 01, 2020 8:53 pm

Fine set there Pete. Nice to see Canada for a change and also to put "faces to names" as it were. Seen types listed in databases but never bothered to look up what they look like. Glas=d you had a good time and, like me, have an understanding wife - hope mine is as accommodating for Europe this summer :lol:

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Re: Canadian Ramblings 5 into the Cariboo

Post by EGNH1909 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 9:13 am

Some really interesting aircraft there-really nice backgrounds as well, lovely colours on the trees.
Best Wishes

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