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RAFM Cosford - Dornier Do17 Preservation

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RAFM Cosford - Dornier Do17 Preservation

Post by AeroResource » Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:00 pm

RAFM Cosford - Dornier Do17 Preservation

The 26th August 1940 - a crew of 4 climb aboard Luftwaffer Dornier 17Z-2 5K+AR, tasked with attacking Fighter Command airfields in the Medway Area. One of a seven aircraft formation operated by 7 Staffel, III Gruppe / KG3 (7th Squadron of the 3rd Group of Bomber Wing 3) from their home base of Saint-Truiden, little did the crew of 5K+AR know this would be the last time they left Saint-Truiden. Now, some 70 years on the tale of Dornier 17Z-2 Werke nr. 1160 has come to light. Jamie Ewan takes a look at this rare piece of aviation history for AeroResource.

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