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Re: How to Post Photos from your Flickr on Civilian Aviation

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:47 pm
1) Click the square with an arrow in it.
2) Click the pin.
3) Choose the size of image you want.
4) Copy the code displayed.



Re: How to Post Photos from your Flickr on Civilian Aviation

Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 9:54 am
by andygolfer
For me at least, the FlickR layout appears to have changed since Chris did his excellent instructions and as we have received a help request I have done this based on how flickR now appears to me. I hope it helps to understand how to post photos on here:

Stages 1 to 4:
1: click the little arrow (same as Chris's method)

2: click on BBCode if it is not already the highlighted option and then select the image size you want, note the largest options bay require you scrolling the screen down to see them ( again, same as Chris's)

3: the pin that Chris refers to is no longer there for me so ingore that stage and right click on the code to copy it

ImageflickR1 by sickbag_andy, on Flickr

4: when you right click on it the drop down appears with copy (I expect most if not all computer users know that by now but I will state the obvious just in case), then select copy

5: that generates the full code which when you paste it anywhere appears as I have copied it here. A tip - I usually copy it to a word document first to save the code in case I lose my internet connection or the forum fails before I have finished, particularly if I am uploading a lot of photos.

ImageflickR2 by sickbag_andy, on Flickr

6: go to our beloved forum and open / start the topic you wish to post to (I usually work with multiple windows open so that I can go back and forth between FlickR and the forum in case I forget to paste before I copy the next code) and paste the code into your topic

ImageflickR3 by sickbag_andy, on Flickr

and that is that, just add any accompanying text and then either choose 'submit' to post it or if you're like me and worry you might have made a mistake select 'preview' first and check that it looks right, then select 'submit'

Hope that helps but can anybody now help me - I find I have to copy each photo code individually, is there a way to copy all the codes from an album at once or several codes from different photos all at once please? - that would save loads of time every time. I know you can do it on Photobucket but it has eluded me on here. MTIA

Re: How to Post Photos from your Flickr on Civilian Aviation

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:10 pm
by andygolfer
radiostationX (Mike) saw this topic and sent me the following links to a forum which he frequents and some details of handy hints for flickR and Google photo users, these might be handy to members of our forum so Mike has suggested that I post links here :

There are a few additional tricks you can do with flickr.
I made up a quick guide on flickr and google uploading for my local group here ... ading-tips

and even more tricks with googles services, ... ading-tips

many thanks again to radiostationx (who posts superb OTT photos on here) for sending me the links and for the work that went into the original posts

Re: How to Post Photos from your Flickr on Civilian Aviation

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:28 pm
by waghorn41
Thanks for all the help, I've now got Flickr and have used it for my July SPOTM entry - and it works! :clap: :thumbs:

Just means I've got a lot of work to redo everything I've used PB for :roll: (expletives deleted)

Re: How to Post Photos from your Flickr on Civilian Aviation

Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:18 pm
by aenstrop
In addition to the advice given above re posting pics from Flickr using a PC, I’ve found that the following works for me when posting from my iPad.

I post from Flickr using my iPad Mini 4. I open Flickr with Firefox, go to the share option as you would on pc or laptop, and select BBCode. I tap just after the [ and then drag along and down until the link is selected and then pressing the little blue placeholder. The option to copy appears aboveby. Copy, then Paste the link to the forum, remembering to put the [ before the link.

Whether this works for everyone I can’t say, but I’ve used it for quite a while now with success. I haven’t tried it with Chrome or Safari, but I’d imagine it should be okay.