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LOG: Kemble 15/03/2024

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LOG: Kemble 15/03/2024

Post by Orville » Mon Mar 18, 2024 10:15 am

G-BNRA SOCATA TB.10 Tobago 0772
G-BVMM Robin HR.200/100 Club 41
G-GRRR SA Bulldog 120/122 BH.120-229
G-BPAF PA.28-161 Warrior II 28-7716142
G-AZWS PA.28R-180 Cherokee Arrow 28R-30749
G-CEFZ Cosmik EV.97 TeamEurostar UK 2824
G-CIGS Rotorsport UK MTO Sport RSUK/MTOS/052
G-DSMA P&M QuikR 8410 DSMA Flying Group
G-EGWN American-Champion 7ECA Citabria Aurora 1399-2007 Freedom Aviation Ltd
G-KFCA Comco-Ikarus C.42 FB80 1309-7282
G-KFCN Flylight SkyRanger Nynja 344-14 Kemble Flying Centre Ltd
G-MSGI Magni M.24C Orion 24-16-0384 Orion Cotswolds Aviation Ltd.
N6881E Cessna 175A Skylark 56381 Private
VP-BRM Airbus A.321-232 0802 Red Wings Airlines
G-SMLA BAe.146 Srs.200 E-2047 JOTA Aviation
2-MMTT Boeing 727-76/W 19254-0298 Platinum Services
N29106 Boeing 737-809/W 29106-0302 China Airlines
G-EZNM Airbus A.319-111 2402 EasyJet Airline
G-CIVN Boeing 747-436 28848-1129 British Airways
OY-SRP Boeing 767-232(BDSF) 22220-0038 Maersk Air Cargo
M-FTOH Boeing 727-269 22359-1652 Strong Aviation
N29105 Boeing 737-809/W 29105-0295 China Airlines
TF-AAK Boeing 747-428 32868-1325 Air Atlanta Icelandic
G-LSAO Boeing 757-256 29309-0936 Titan Airways
LY-BMS Airbus A.319-111 1404 Air France
F-GUGK Airbus A.318-111 2601 Air France
OY-SRL Boeing 767-232(BDSF) 22219-0037 Maersk Air Cargo
N542FT Airbus A.320-214 1542 FTAI Aviation (Ex B-2220)
LY-SPC Airbus A.320-231 0415 Star East Airlines
M-STAR Boeing 727-2X8/W 22687-1784 Starling Aviation
G-BWGM Hawker Hunter T.8C HABL003009? Delta Jets (painted as XE665)
G-CIVB Boeing 747-436 25811-1018 British Airways (Negus c/s)

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