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Visit 24/11/2019

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Visit 24/11/2019

Post by Maltatripper » Sun Nov 24, 2019 4:34 pm

Scrapping Area

B717 EZ-A101 No radome, wing
Also unidentified nose/fuselage, (probably Airbus). This could be from LZ-AWS.

B737 EI-RUJ, B757 TF-ISZ gone, believed scrapped.

Belfast Apron

B717 EZ-A107 wingless with no radome or undercarriage
A320 YL-LCN No Undercarriage or Radome
B717 (EZ-A106) wingless with no radome or undercarriage
Jetstar (HB-JGK) fuselage
BAE146 (OO-DWC) fuselage
B737 (G-CELW) nose
ERJ145 (G-EMBC?)
A319 5H-FJD no undercarriage, radome, tailplane or wings
B737 G-CELI no tailplane
B737 G-CELX no radome, left rear door
B727 2-MMTT
A320 RP-C8995 sections
B737 (G-CELO) Forward fuselage, no radome
B737 G-CELW nose section
B717 EZ-A102 No doors and radome
B390 N881AA fuselage?

A320 2-MNBV and A321 LZ-AWS both gone. Also believed scrapped. See Scrap Area.

ASI Apron

A319 9H-AEJ
A320 EI-GIZ Aigle Azur+
757 G-LSAG
B727 VP-CMN fuselage no tailplane
CRJ PH-ADO (Adria)
B737 D-AGEL No tailplane

B737 D-AGEN not seen.

Control Tower

Hunter XE665
Gnat (XP540)

Chevron Apron

B757 (EI-CJY)

Also at least one A340.

Not sure which A340 is in the Chevron area or the fate of the other A340.

Rapid Racking



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