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GCI Spotting Locations

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GCI Spotting Locations

Post by GCIJem » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:39 pm

Spotting Info for anyone visiting the island.

1 - From the first floor of the Terminal there are excellent views of the main apron and runway, although it's through glass the sun is mostly behind you which helps.

2 - Walking east from the terminal through the cargo area will take you to 'Aiglle Plane Heaven' the hangar and apron area where you will find locally based biz aircraft, many visiting biz aircraft also park in this area. It’s possible to photograph from the access gate next to the hangar. It’s unlikely you will be asked to move on but if you are, do so promptly & without argument.

3 - Next to Aiglle is the East Grass Park & hangars, aircraft parked here can be seen by taking a short walk along the main road from Aiglle, Turn left out of the Aiglle approach road & take the first left into a small lane & you will get good views over the WGP areas. This road will also take you to spot 6.

4 - If you follow the main road around west of the Terminal and up the private road you will find the hangars bordering the West Grass Park. This road is OUT OF BOUNDS to the general public. Fixed Penalty Tickets (£100) are issued to vehicles not on official business.

5 - West of these hangars is the Guernsey Aero club and their hangar facilities. A very friendly place with balcony views from their 1st Floor clubroom overlooking the main runway and taxiways. Contact the Manger in advance and there may be a chance to view the aircraft in the hangar (or use the balcony) if someone is available to escort you.( E-mail manager@guernseyaeroclub.com). Also in this area are the Aurigny & Air Search Hangars & the Airport Fire Service, these areas are private & OUT OF BOUNDS, no aircraft can be seen from their car parks so stay away.

6 - From the car park on the northside of the airfield off La Villiaze Road near the 27 threshold, most aircraft can be read off including the GA parked in and around the Aurigny & ASG hangars. You can see the main apron from here as well as the Aigille hangar and surrounding parking stands. There are no problems with spending time here & parking is free. A small ladder is needed for photography due to the fence height .

Photography is possible from all locations.
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Re: GCI Spotting Locations

Post by LondonEye » Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:01 pm

Well done for posting.
Always nice when locals share advice to others.


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