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Red Arrows arrival and airshow info

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Red Arrows arrival and airshow info

Post by WAP » Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:32 pm

Just to let you Channel islanders know that the Reds look like they will be arriving at 11:45 local tomorrow (7th sept) and are with you for a few days. It looks like they will leave on the 11th but this has yet to be confirmed. If anybody knows any different please let me know.

Red Arrows movements:
(times are zulu so need to add 1hr)
7th September
5318 00033W (SCAMPTON AD)1000 HR
5313N 00041W (HARBY)1002 HR
5246N 00054W (MELTON MOWBRAY)1007 HR
5200N 00056W (THORNBOROUGH)1014 HR
5059N 00136W (LANDFORD)1026 HR
5040N 00134W (VCY ALUM BAY)1029 HR
4948N 00201W (OVER THE SEA)1038 HR
4912N 00212W (JERSEY AD)1045 HR

8th (Channel Islands) Jersey

9th (Channel Islands)
Jersey International air display
Guernsey Battle of Britain Air display

10th (Channel Islands)

Airshow Information

8th September Airshow rehearsal day times are 12:00-20:00 Local
9th 12.30-17:00 local Air display
Airport movements suspended during Pat de france and Red Arrows display on the 9th (PDF 13:50-14:25 and Reds 14:20-15:00 local)

Airshow times and aircraft
http://www.jerseyairdisplay.org.uk/news ... icleID=102" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

wish i was going :(

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