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Bristol Balloon Fiesta 13/08

Post your logs, movements and information for airports located in the South and South West of England.
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Bristol Balloon Fiesta 13/08

Post by Martin » Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:30 pm

The following were logged Saturday pm at Bristol, it's just there aren't more Balloons from mainland Europe to give it more of an International feel, think I'll have to go to Metz one year!

In use for pleasure flights were Jetrangers G-BARP & G-BEWY
As355 G-OHMS was also present & had been used for a parachute drop & was used to film the mass launch later

As I got there, In the arena, they were just in the process of deflating & packing away the Churchill Dog Balloon

G-CDOG Lindstrand LBL SS-DOG [938]

The following Balloons then took part in the main launch just after 1800

EC-LIR Ultramagic M-65C [65/183]
EI-ECC Cameron Balloon Z-90 [11213]
F-GOCO Cameron N-90 [ 10657]
G-BGAZ Cameron V-77 [439]
G-BIBO Cameron V-65 [667]
G-BOEK CameronV-77 [1658]
G-BOOB Cameron N-65 [515]
G-BPHU Thunder & Colt Ax7-77 [1365]
G-BRTV Cameron Balloon O-77 [2182]
G-BSNU Thunder & Colt 105A [1811]
G-BTJD Thunder & Colt Ax8-90 S2 [1865]
G-BTJU Cameron V-90 [2554]
G-BTWJ Cameron V-77 [2670]
G-BVOC Cameron V-90 [3291]
G-BWKV Cameron V-77 [3780]
G-BWKW Thunder & Colt Ax8-90 [3770]
G-BXLP Sky 90-24 [084]
G-BXXG Cameron N-105 [3662]
G-BYHY Cameron -77 [4493]
G-BYTJ Cameron C-80 [4703]
G-BZDJ Cameron Z-105 [4832]
G-BZFD Cameron N-90 [2725]
G-BZKV Sky 90-24 [184]
G-BZVU Cameron Z-105 [10078]
G-BZYY Cameron N-90 [10130]
G-CBHW Cameron Z-105 [10217]
G-CBMC Cameron Z-105 [10274]
G-CBMK Cameron Z-120 [10293]
G-CBOW Cameron Z-120 [10302]
G-CCSA Cameron Z-350 [10490]
G-CDGN Cameron C-90 [ 10641]
G-CDIH Cameron Z-275 [10613]
G-CDIT Cameron Z-105 [10702]
G-CDWD Cameron Z-105 [10827]
G-CDZO Lindstrand LBL-60X [1104]
G-CEJZ Cameron C-90 [ 10970]
G-CEKS Cameron Z-105 [11003]
G-CELM Cameron C-80 [10931]
G-CERC Cameron Z-350 [11028]
G-CEUV Cameron C-90 [11078]
G-CEWX Cameron Z-350 [11092]
G-CFCC Cameron Z-275 [11103]
G-CFEK Cameron Z-105 [11176]
G-CFKF Cameron Z-210 [11177]
G-CFLK Cameron C-90 [11207]
G-CFUX Cameron C-80 [11282]
G-CFXI Lindstrand LBL SS-Box [1257]
G-CFXL Lindstrand LBL-90A [1258]
G-CFXP Lindstrand LBL-105A [1168]
G-CGMX Cameron TR-70 Turbo Racer [11404]
G-CGNJ Cameron Z-105 [11261]
G-CGRF Lindstrand LBL-140A [1327]
G-CGVY Cameron Z-77 [11474]
G-CLOE Sky 90-24 [019]
G-COSY Lindstrand - 56A [017]
G-CROP Cameron Z105 [11157]
G-ENGR Head Balloon AX8-105 [380]
G-FOWS Cameron N-105 [3995]
G-GBBT Ultramagic M-90 [90/103]
G-GOGB Lindstrand - 90A [1011]
G-JULU Cameron V-90 [3611]
G-KSKS Cameron N-105 [4963]
G-LOWS Sky 77-24 [025]
G-MOFB Cameron O-120 [4275]
G-OAFR Cameron Z-105 [11018]
G-ODAF Lindstrand LBL-105A [1042]
G-OFAA Cameron Z-105 [10886]
G-OJMS Cameron Z-90 [10860]
G-OKCP Lindstrand LBL SS-Battery [621]
G-OKEW Ultramagic M-65C [65/184]
G-OMGR Cameron Z-105 [11095]
G-OOEY Kubicek Balloon BB-22Z [767]
G-OSUP Lindstrand LBL-90A [098]
G-PATG Cameron O-90 [3856]
G-PLLT Lindstrand LBL SS-Box [1308]
G-POLY Cameron N-77 [ 428]
G-SBIZ Cameron Z-90 [10348]
G-SFSL Cameron Z-105 [10308)
G-TRIG Cameron Z-90 [10446]
G-VBFL Cameron Z-400 [11347]
G-VITL Lindstrand LBL-105A [720]
G-WAYS Lindstrand LBL-105A [1307]
HB-QLR Cameron Z-105 [10907]
LX-BLU Fire Balloons G 34/24 [1407]

The following Balloons were inflated but didn't launch

G-BWDZ Sky 105-24 [002] (later took part in the Night Glow)
G-BYIL Cameron N-105 [4591] (later took part in the Night Glow)
G-FUND Thunder & Colt Ax7-65Z [376]

After the launch, the following were inflated & tethered

G-CFSL Kubicek Balloon BB-26Z [642] (also took part in the Night Glow)
G-OCTS Cameron Z-90 [11108] (this was also inflated during the afternoon)
G-OXKB Cameron 110SS Sports Car [3941] (also took part in the Night Glow)

The following Balloons that hadn't been noted earlier took part in the Night Glow

G-BWPF Sky 120-24 [028]
G-BYTW Cameron O-90 [4747]
G-CCGY Cameron Z-105 [10422]
G-CCTS Cameron Z-120 [10570]
G-CDDN Lindstrand LBL-90 [903]
G-CEOV Lindstrand LBL-120A [1158]
G-OLFF Cameron Z-120 [11522]
G-OSAT Cameron Z-105 [10564]


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