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Info:Hangar tour at JETS Bournemouth

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Info:Hangar tour at JETS Bournemouth

Postby bizfreeq » Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:16 pm

Afternoon all
As we currently have a rather rare aircraft in at the moment, JY-AWD, I thought it might be time to offer those interested in seeing it a chance to come and look around our hangars. As usual I cannot guarantee the number of aircraft you will see on the visit, however I can guarantee the presence of the Jordanian 125-800XP and also N541LR 125-1000 as both are on very large checks.
This will only be taking place on the 24th June and will be on a first come-first served basis. The times will be 11.00am and 12.00pm and I will allocate you to a time on reply to your request....I will not be entering into an ''I would prefer this time'' debate I'm afraid as I really don't have the time for the too-ing and fro-ing of emails that this entails....so if you cannot accept either time please do not apply. As many of you will have been before, I realise that you will probably only want to see AWD (please note that if you also wish to see 541 it is in the sane hangar) so could everyone applying please state the following along with their details:

TOUR (if you want the full look round)
JORDANIAN (if you only wish to see the 125s)

I will require the following details:
FULL name 
Car registration
If you are bringing anyone I require their details also at the time of applying please.

Please send the above to:
No replies on the forum please, I don't check in every day so you will probably miss out. 

ANY APPLICATION EMAIL RECEIVED WITHOUT THE ABOVE DETAILS WILL NOT BE ANSWERED....Sorry to make this point but I do not have the time to chase people for the above which is clearly asked for. I have spent days in the past asking for those details because people haven't put them in the first contact email and this time around I am far to busy.
There will be a £2.00 a head donation for Help for Heroes asked for at the beginning of the visit. They have benefitted from around £600 over the past few years from these tours and I am very keen to keep this up.
JETS themselves will not enter into any correspondence over this so please do not contact them in any way. They have been very generous on many occasions to allow these tours and have again said yes to my request to do this one and I would like to keep this going and not to antagonise them.
I must stress that this is purely for the number/frame guys out there, there will be NO photography allowed, and all mobile phones will have to be switched off for the duration of the visit.
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