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Stow Maries former WW1 airfield planning application

this forum is for discussions and information on restoration projects such as project updates, visits, open days and any new projects starting or any other relevant pieces of information
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Stow Maries former WW1 airfield planning application

Post by andygolfer » Thu Dec 08, 2016 7:42 pm

the trustees and operators of the only remaining WW1 airfield in the UK at Stow Maries, Essex ( http://www.stowmaries.org.uk/ ) have submitted a planning application to Maldon District Council for increased movements over the present unworkable limit of 12 aircraft per day.
They are asking anybody who has an interest in their project or the airfield aviation / shows to write to the council in support of their submission

here is a link to the council page for the planning application: http://publicaccess.maldon.gov.uk/onlin ... VI0KKGSM00

they suggest wording along the lines of what a unique asset Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome is, how the small air displays and visiting aircraft have really added atmosphere and brought the place alive as a true "living museum"and how the limited number of extra movements requested would be unlikely to impact adversely on the local environment etc. You would need to register and obtain a login.

This would be much appreciated by the trustees and could help them to have the application granted and thereby keep the aerodrome active as the truly unique and wonderful place that they have created

here are my photos of some of this year's events:
http://www.civilianaviation.co.uk/forum ... 73&t=25562

http://www.civilianaviation.co.uk/forum ... 73&t=25912

http://www.civilianaviation.co.uk/forum ... 73&t=26801


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