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Hello from South Gloucestershire

Introduce yourself here and feel free to ask any "newbie" questions that any of the beginners to the hobby have

Hello from South Gloucestershire

Postby iannp16 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:58 pm

Hello. I have long "looked in" at this website & thought it was about time I joined.
A bit about myself, I joined British Rail aged 16 in 1983 on the railway equivalent of the YTS scheme & when I reached 18 got a job as a Guard (freight & passenger) which I have basically done ever since (unfortunately just passenger work these days). Aged 18 I joined the (then) TA as a private in the Infantry & still do it 32 years later (albeit now as a Captain) & have served several front-line deployments in that time. As well as the Reserves I also do "welfare" for my full time parent regiment.
I have long had an interest in both civil & military aviation--indeed where I was brought up it was in the flight-path of Birmingham Airport & have vivid memories of BA 1-11 aircraft flying from there to northern destinations leaving their smoke trails & noise signatures overhead 20 odd miles NW of the airport.
I have been lucky enough to fly in a wide range of civil (& military) aircraft with a wide range of airlines (a lot long defunct) & my all time favourite aircraft has to be the BAC 1-11. i love looking at the pictures on this site especially the nostalgia section & where time allows look forward to participating in debates.

Re: Hello from South Gloucestershire

Postby Mike » Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:24 am

Welcome to CA. Enjoy ! :thumb:

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Re: Hello from South Gloucestershire

Postby andygolfer » Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:31 am

welcome Ian and thanks for the introduction.

Andygolfer (or at least I was once), now just plane crazy

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Re: Hello from South Gloucestershire

Postby LondonEye » Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:37 pm

Welcome aboard Ian.
Many of us are of an age where we enjoy the nostalgia section as much as the current scene !
I am sure you will enjoy being able to join in the chats.
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