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Zurich Planespotting Guide

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Zurich Planespotting Guide

Post by Krayzee » Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:03 pm

BIG update to Zurich at http://aircraftspotting.co.uk/planespot ... erland.php, which I'm hoping will come in very handy for the WEF in a few months time.

The guide now contains:

- Runway layout and usage
- Zurich airport website and how to get a list of flights and registrations for arrivals and departures
- WEF, Davos
- Observation Deck B
- Airside Tours
- Car parks 3 and 6
- Jet Aviation, ExecuJet, Runway 14 Crash Gate East
- HeliGrill, heliport, western biz apron
- Runway 14 Viewing Area
- Views from airside gates
- Transferring from Basel airport
- Spotting Hotels: Park Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Best Western, Welcome Inn, Ibis, Radisson Blu

Hope you enjoy! It's a comprehensive guide, but if I've left anything out, or something needs amending, please let me know.

Also, I've tried to be descriptive with the hotel views but would it make it easier to select your hotel if they were plotted on some sort of airport map? So you could see exactly where they all are at once, rather than having to keep looking through the various hotel or comparison websites.
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