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Log:- Shoreham August 2012 Highlights

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Log:- Shoreham August 2012 Highlights

Post by Sussex to Devon » Sat Sep 01, 2012 5:56 pm


01/08 N258RP Be58
03/08 N95GT SR22,
04/08 OO-ALW Ce177, OO-VKB BeA36
06/08 F-GDNO TB20, N89GH SR22
07/08 N141HT SR22
08/08 F-PJLB Longeze, F-PREV Varieze, F-PYSM Varieze, N761JU Ce210
09/08 HA-WKY Sa341
10/08 D-EVXA Sbach300, D-EYXA Sbach300, D-MEMY WT9 (N/s), EI-BJK Rallye, F-GVFA Ce172R, PH-TYD Pa28 (N/s), S5-DHF Pa34,
11/08 F-BRVH Dr220 (N/s), F-GSBQ Dr400, N147DC Dc3
12/08 F-JFNL Sting Carbon,
13/08 N7NP H369
17/08 N85LB Ce340, N926AD Pa46,
18/08 N521CD SR22,
19/08 N864CD SR20, N926AD Pa46
20/08 F-HANN Pc12,
21/08 F-HANN Pc12,
22/08 D-FDHR Pc12, F-GTZQ Dr400, M-ATHS Pc12, N2548T Navion
24/08 F-PKOK RV8, N761JU Ce210
26/08 D-EGVA Pa28R,
27/08 F-GEIO Dr400,
30/08 F-BRDI GY80 F-GGJL Dr400,
31/08 N91ME TB20, N131CD SR20, N167F F51D, N324JS TBM850, N761JU Ce210, N877C SR22, N6088Z Rc114, PH-VSS Ce172

Any additions or corrections will be appreciated. Not guaranteed to be 100% complete or correct.
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Re: Log:- Shoreham August 2012

Post by GOOSE » Sun Sep 02, 2012 9:13 am

Great log Ian. :thumb:

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